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Dec 28, 2018

“What are you willing to invest, in something that may not have an [immediate] return?” - Joshua Bermudez


On this week’s episode of The MAKE IT Podcast, we have a conversation with Actor, Joshua Bermudez (@theincomparablejosh) on #Insta and @SaintGenesius on #Twitter). 

Joshua Bermudez is an actor living in Los Angeles, California.

He's the first member of his family to attend college. He received his master's degree from the Yale School of Drama in 2013.

His film credits include Cargo, Off Prospect, and The Runners and over 30 staged productions

Joshua is also a Program Director for the  HBMG National Winter Actors Retreat and the founder of Wolf & Long (

Please enjoy our conversation with Joshua Bermudez (link in the bio) and to learn more about Bonsai's role in independent film visit us at

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