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Sep 28, 2018

A Conversation with Brandon Hirsch

This week we talk with actor, writer, and photographer Brandon Hirsch. Brandon is a broad guy, and we loved exploring his wisdom. We believe you’re going to love this high-energy episode, too. 

Brandon Hirsch is an actor and producer, known for Atlanta (2016), The Baxters (2018) and Boulevard (2014). He has 40+ credits as an actor including a turn in our feature film #WildMan in the movie’s funniest scene.

You can learn more about Brandon and his work at

Follow Brandon and let him know how much you love his insights @iambhirsch on #Insta and #Twitter and search “Brandon Hirsch” on Facebook.

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The Baxters (tv series)


LaKeith Stanfield (actor)

Alan Feinstein (acting coach)

Autumn Bailey-Ford (producer)

Kristopher Wente (actor)

Daniel-Day Lewis (actor)

Denzel Washington (actor)

Cate Blanchett (actress)

There Will Be Blood (film)


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