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Jun 8, 2021

Hello, Indie Creatives!

In this week's episode, we have a conversation with award-winning director Nathaniel Nuon. We go deep on the influences behind his powerful short film Residue, what it took to start his own production company on the heels of a recession, his latest feature film, 'The Voices,' and how he designed his auditions, shots, and script specifically for the blind. We also talk about his passion for balancing the scales between big-budget and Indie Filmmaking. Enjoy!

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Nathaniel Nuon, President, and CEO is the creative force behind Nuon Films. Working in the entertainment industry for more than 22 years, Nuon is an award-winning director—creating feature and short films, music videos, promotional works, commercials, and more—since 1995.

His work has brought both national and international acclaim, winning the San Diego Filmmaker Award at the San Diego Film Festival, Viewer’s Choice Award at the Temecula Valley Film Festival for the powerful short, Residue, which two Emmy awards for best short film and original score. He wrote and directed the supernatural thriller VOICES, set to be released in January 2021 by Vertical Entertainment. Additionally, Nathaniel’s presence is widely felt in his birth country of Cambodia, influencing filmmaking there and continuing to be a voice for positive change. Nathaniel leads projects as director, editor, and visual FX producer —including serving as post-production supervisor on various projects. On the post-production side, his credits include Heist, with Robert DeNiro, The Prince, with Bruce Willis, and USS Indianapolis, with Nicolas Cage.

Nathaniel is widely sought after for his visual FX and virtual reality productions in the US and abroad. He recently contracted with US Military for VR development and 3D animation for the field.  2009 Nuon co-founded 3rd Realm Creations with VOICES producer Christopher Cockerell and Charles Phanthapannha, specializing in Augmented Reality marketing and advertising, VR promotional, entertainment gaming, commercials, and films. Currently, 3rd Realm is lending its expertise to medical VR training, VR Live experiences, and AR books.


Nathaniel’s Links:




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San Diego Film Festival

Temecula Valley Film Festival

Heist (film)

Robert DeNiro (actor)

The Prince (film)

Bruce Willis (actor)

USS Indianapolis (film)

Nicolas Cage (actor)

Christopher Cockerell (producer)

Charles Phanthapannha

Mister Ed (tv show)

Khmer Rouge (radical Communist group)

RED cameras

Arri cameras

Valerie Jane Parker (actress)

Kong v Godzilla (film)